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[01 Dec 2004|07:36pm]

i just had a chocolate muffin. as such, i am happy.
ah, simple joys.

also, i had a chocolissimo from costa today and it was so good, basically hot milk and melty chocolate. phwoar. and my mum paid, which made it even nicer.
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[09 Nov 2004|12:31pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

my dad bought paninis at the weekend. although this is a good thing (because they are v.nice), they reminded me of munch and that made me miss school and wandering over to buy tasty things in frees and then sitting in the form room and discussing all the work we hadn't done, and all the things wrong with the world and all the teachers we could see sneaking off to smoke, etc.

and now although i have a nice 'full of panini' feeling i am kind of sad too.

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[23 Oct 2004|12:27pm]

Special student update for Eye_On_Life!

Finding a peach and apricot fruit corner in your fridge and eating it for breakfast. DIES IN A STATE OF PURE ECSTASY.

I think it's time for a community revival.
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[11 Jan 2004|07:09pm]

generously buttering bread on both sides before frying it. works a treat. and fried bacon... *keels over*
i want that fry up again damnit.
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[03 Jan 2004|02:10pm]

lightly done toast smothered in butter with ham, baked beans and cheese on top.

oh maaaaan.
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mmmm [31 Oct 2003|11:01pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

dipping chocolate covered popping candy lolly thing into hot chocolate. score.

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[30 Oct 2003|04:14pm]

[ mood | meh ]

completely random, i just discovered that spaghetti with boursin is really nice

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[07 Oct 2003|01:55pm]

[ mood | content ]

i just had the best boiled egg ever. it was just right, i love it when that happens.
also, random discovery - if you toast bread very slightly and then put loads of butter on and wait for it all to soak in it kinda tastes like a cross between toast and fried bread. its weird, but soo good. and probably very artery clogging, alas.

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[30 Sep 2003|10:00pm]

I personally think that someone smelling like parsnips is a good thing. I love parsnips. They are in the top 5 vegetables to have with a roast dinner. In fact, apart from roast potatoes (for they are nigh on holy) only carrots and peas beat them. Incidently I don't know anyone who does smell like parsnips.
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